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My beautiful picture tiles in a variety of sizes and styles,  can be used as inserts in Mixed Media and Mosaic projects or as another thing’umajig in Scrapbooking or to zoosh up that special handmade card for any occasion! The polymer clay tiles with their mesmerizing colours can be used on their own on a wooden blank or combined with other commercial tiles and inserts in Mixed Media projects. The pewter blocks as inserts will give another dimension and glamour to any mixed media, mosaic and even decoupage project or item. My pewter tiles will also look great in scrapbooking, on cards and book covers. There is really no limit to their use and charm.

Go to    Treasure Trove > Inserts    for pictures

The item code is at the bottom of the picture. Click on the picture to enlarge.


Mixed Media

mixed media_resize

Mixed Media is the assemblage of any amount of crafts. It’s the stirring of a cauldron filled to the brim with every craft imaginable that magickally transforms into a master piece! Mixed media knows no boundaries…

In my Treasure Trove you could see my variety of inserts, handmade here under the Purple Moon, that I use in my mixed media projects. Also notice how this boring little table, became a decorative piece of furniture. Mixed media can be usable-  or wearable art.



There is nothing more therapeutic and de-stressing….in a crafty sense, than pottery.  Throwing, wedging, pinching, punching and rolling that slab of raw earth between your hands and fingers….  Create, form, de-form, transform, anything that comes to mind.  Pottery is so much fun and oh so deliciously messy!

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